Three words: MORE QUALIFIED LEADS. Far more qualified leads, in fact, than you’d get otherwise. And more energy, more buzz, and more attention at your booth. In short, presenters deliver all the things you came to the show to get, in spades, and do it effectively, efficiently, and enjoyably. Good presenters create large quantities of qualified leads using three key traits:

PERSONALITY: Presenters radiate all the personal qualities you want attendees to associate with your company: vitality, warmth, humor, credibility, authenticity. Since presenters make your first impression to most attendees, this is an efficient way to prime most attendees to relax, smile, listen and learn.

POLISH: Presenters deliver information with a level of polish few others can match. Their presentation scripts read cleanly and smoothly, uncluttered by extraneous words or overcooked language. They deliver these scripts loudly and enunciate clearly, so their audiences members can hear and understand them easily over the chaos of the show floor. They imbue their deliveries with just the right flavours, adding inflexions and emphasis, varying volume and speed, tossing in-jokes and questions, all to keep the audience engaged, learning, and eager for more.

PROFESSIONALISM: Presenters come ready to work. They have the stamina to give five, ten, twenty presentations a day without losing energy. They have the focus to start and end every presentation on time. They have the technical skills to fix common audio-visual problems that might otherwise derail a presentation. They have the insight to see which parts of your presentation are working well, and which need tweaking (and to make those tweaks on the fly).


We grow a following and build trust with an audience before you ever take the stage.

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