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Trade Show Presenter, Speaker, MC, Technical Master Classes, Consultancy, Trend Developer, Trade Influencer

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Communicating your mission critical messaging and generate leads into a profitable Trade Show, through information, education, entertainment and technical creative procedures

Brand Ambassador, Brand Technical Demonstration, Influencer Marketing, Media  Appearances, Radio,Television, Endorsement, Video, Business Ads and Promo Infomercial

Seminars on Food Trends, Nutrition, Health & Wellness, Mediterranean Diet 21, Diabetes, Celiac, Vegetarianism, Kosher Foods, Historical Cuisines and much more....

Our communication Services

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Creative, engaging and professional presentations translated into sales

Key-note speaker on a variety of topics, with solid, informative content, audience captivation and successful brand building  through years of experiences built around our own brand....and now offered to you

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