Olive Oil & Balsamic TrainingPrograms

New to the marketplace is the olive oils and balsamic vinegar training program sessions, specifically designed for specialty markets with a sophisticated clientele and discriminating palate. Our sessions are offered to staff members.

After our training your staff will:

Be able to professionally recognize and understand the differences in quality, label proficiency and markets varietals.
Be able to fully understand the geographical properties and agricultural terrains.
Be able to guide the consumers in the buying and user process of the products with professional tips and suggestions.
Be able to recognize authentic products from counterfeit, while sharing the immense culture of these valuable mainstream products  in the American kitchens.

Sessions length 1 -1/2 hour with 45 minutes of history, production, aging, bottling, labeling and consortium regulations facts. The next 45 minutes dedicated to a professional tasting which will elevate the knowledge and palate profile of your staff for optimum performance in sales.

Fee: $ 200 per topic session for Rhode Island Markets
Outside RI add traveling cost.
Fee: for sessions booked in pair $ 350 for 3 hours

National Conferences Fee: $ 600 per day plus Travel & Accommodations

We use your product. Training may also be conducted at Chef Walters Cooking School  in Providence RI

Training conducted by M.C. Chef Walter Potenza, Professional Olive Oil Master and Professional Balsamic Taster.


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Our fields of expertise include all Mediterranean cuisines, with resources from country such as Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany and the Balkan countries. In the lower Mediterranean basin we endorse the cuisines of Northern Africa and the Middle East.

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